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Chicken and Rice Salad with Pine Nuts and Lemon Posted (2013-08-07)

look, GREEN stuff!
look, GREEN stuff!

This summer seems to be all about grain salads. You know, any cold dish based in rice or barley or quinoa or some other grain you've never heard of. Like they say, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down so I might as well go with the flow on this one.

I stumbled across this recipe on the Internet somewhere... maybe on someone's Facebook, but I honestly can't recall. Full credit to you if you found it first!


The ingredients are all pretty simple, but of course there is a bit more prep than some salads because you have to cook the rice. You also have to cook the chicken, the peas, and toast the pine nuts. Everything else is just chopping and measuring and the oh-so-satisfying combining.

Once it's all together, it's pretty tasty and all around pretty healthy too! My particular rendition kept getting put off and put off on my calendar, so the chicken was a bit old/frozen, the green onions, peas, lemons, and parsley were all about two weeks south of fresh, and and the pine nuts were from a supply I'd frozen probably waaaay too long ago. So, if you actually bought all of this stuff the week you MADE the dish, I'm sure it would have been even better!

It makes a LOT, especially if you're only using it as a side/appetizer (it was a main for me), so be prepared to serve a good number of folks or to be having leftovers for awhile. I had it hot when I made it but I'm about to dive into some refrigerated leftovers... fingers crossed!

Oh, and double the raisins... you won't regret it.


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