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The McLobster Posted (2013-08-20)

actually not bad!!
actually not bad!!

My food blogging has been lacking lately, and for that I apologize. Just too much to do and too much delicious food elsewhere to be eaten!

Today, I decided it was finally time to try the McLobster. I realize I am 100 years behind everyone else on this. You must understand that I have had desires to try it several times through the summer and EVERY time someone has warded me off of it. "It's nasty, don't do it!" they say or even "too much onion and celery, not very good!"

I found it hard to believe that anything with lobster in it could be nasty and I quite like the celery and onion part of a lobster roll! So, with nobody nearby to stop me, today I finally did it.

My review: it's actually pretty good! The lobster is pretty definitely lobster, and the seasonings/mix are pretty tasty (it's hard to screw up a lobster roll, come on!)

I think most people's chief complaint is that it comes with too much bun and too much lettuce, when you consider how much actual lobster stuff you get. I understand that concern, and understand why you might feel a bit ripped off because of it. Here's the thing though - lobster is expensive! Fact of life. If you buy a true-blue lobster roll anywhere, even out east, you'll usually pay $10-15 for a decent sized sandwich. McLobster is only like $6.99, just over $10 with the combo! So of course it's going to be about half the lobster of a normal lobster roll. Of all techniques, I'm glad they overcompensated with lettuce and bun as opposed to some kind of faux-lobster filling in the sandwich.

So, consider the alternatives... you could pay almost $20 for your combo and get an actual-sized lobster roll. OR you could pay the $10 but receive it on a tiny McMini-sized bun. Or you could pay $10 and get what you get currently. I'll take the last option!

Anyway, all that to say I think it's pretty good... but it's limited time anyway, so by the time you read this... could be gone!

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