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The Run Posted (2013-08-28)

protip: do not let people photograph you while you run
protip: do not let people photograph you while you run

I've already told you about this on the air, but a picture is worth a thousand words right?

I successfully ran my first ever organized road race, the Bayshore Race 10k in Owen Sound on August 25th! As mentioned in a previous post and throughout the summer, this was something I never would have thought I'd EVER do prior to this year, and something that even a few months ago was completely beyond my abilities.

A few months of consistent exercising and gradually pushing myself a bit further each and every time got me to the point where Ifelt I could do this and not make a fool of myself. I ran 10k on my own twice before attempting the race (just to make sure I wouldn't collapse halfway through!) but neither of those attempts saw a time under 1 hour.

I certainly wasn't racing anyone in particular and had no dreams of placing well in the standings... for me, this was just a way to force myself into achieving a certain goal by putting it out there in front of and alongside hundreds of others. It's kind of hard to bail out once you do that!!

So, after all that, I finished with a time of 57:14! A personal best and below that symbolic 1-hour mark. To be fair, my practise runs all involved large hills, and the actual race did not so I'm sure that contributed a wee bit.

I also finished with several EXTREMELY unattractive photos of myself running. I really hope this isn't what I always look like. Anyway, here they are for you, in all their glory. I'll work on my style for next year...

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