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Fajitas! Posted (2013-08-30)

don't forget to wrap it after you take the picture or it doesn't make much sense
don't forget to wrap it after you take the picture or it doesn't make much sense

Because, you have to say fajitas! with an exclamation mark every time, right?

Fajitas! are of course a staple of many families' weeknight dinners but to be honest I've never really made them myself. This week, I put an end to that... and the results were delish!

With the idea in mind, I set out to find a good guide for what to put in them... this looked good: http://www.finecooking.com/recipes/mexican-chicken-fajitas-quick.aspx

And it WAS! Boneless chicken thighs are just a magical cut of meat. Not as good for you as chicken breasts (fattier) but they are soooo tasty. You could be healthy and use chicken breasts for this too though, if you wanted.

I used an orange pepper instead of red because red ones disagree with me for some reason. The spice mixture was good though, not overwhelming, and not terribly hot. I added a chopped-up jalapeno to the onion/pepper mixture before cooking and that added some kick... but not very much. If you want more spice, throw in your favourite spicy pepper and you won't be disappointed!

Monterrey Jack cheese adds a nice finishing touch and I threw in some sliced avocados to the mix at the end. Deeeeelish! I'm all about innovating though... so if you have any further suggestions about what I could add to this to make it better, comment below!

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