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Thai Beef with Basil Posted (2013-12-05)

their version DEFINITELY looks a lot tastier than mine did
their version DEFINITELY looks a lot tastier than mine did

Well it's been a while since I gave a new recipe a whirl - but I saw this one in my latest Bon Appetit and I couldn't resist. I'm always looking for an opportunity to try and replicate some of the awesome Thai tastes you find at restaurants in my own kitchen. I usually fail, but it's fun to try!

On paper, this one is pretty tasty. In practise, I may need to tweak it a bit... it was good though, will try again!

>> Grab the complete recipe here, from Bon Appetit.

I did not get medium ground beef as suggested because I couldn't find a small enough package of it (didn't want to waste). I think the medium would have been key though so next time I'll bite the bullet and get one of the usually 1.5lbs packages. It would have hurted to make a bit more of it anyways!

Spice level was good for me with the two chiles they described - I did cut up and include the seeds.

I think it actually could have used a bit more salt - I must use regular full-salt chicken broth for that final step next time.

I've gradually become a fan of fish sauce in a variety of dishes, but lots of Thai dishes do call for fish sauce in a context that doesn't result in it getting cooked. Those ones aren't always my favourite (and that's the case here)... the "sauce" you prepare with the soy and fish and sugar seems to overwhelm the nice taste of the crispy beef.

My leftovers are going to get totally cooked through, sauce and all, so they may change my opinion. All in all though, worth trying again with some tweaks and a pretty easy (and cheap) weeknight meal for you!

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