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Spaghetti with Butter-Roasted Tomato Sauce Posted (2013-12-06)

i don't see any anchovies here... nope
i don't see any anchovies here... nope

It's hard NOT to make an awesome pasta sauce when you start with a few key ingredients. Still, this ended up being a particularly good mixture while remaining fairly simple and inexpensive to make!

>> Here's the recipe, from Bon Appetit.

The keys to this one, I think, are the roasting of the tomatoes and garlic mixed together with the butter, AND the anchovies. This is coming from someone who has avoided anchovies for most of his life just out of principle - they're really actually awesome. I don't see myself getting them on pizzas any time soon, but chopped up and roasted in this sauce adds a special flavour that you just can't get from anything else. 

I followed the recipe to a T and everything worked out well. You really do need to cook off the added cooking water and leftover sauce juices at the end, so be prepared for that... the pasta will also absorb a lot of the leftover water, so if you find it a little soupy when you're done, just wait and keep cooking until it gets soaked up!

Oh, so bucatini is like spaghetti except hollow (I had to look it up). I couldn't find any sign of it at the grocery store so I used regular spaghetti. I'm not sure what bucatini would add to it but if I ever find some I'll try that instead and let you know!

Try not to eat way more than you should!

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Andrew Macintosh from Owen sound
i dont mind them{anchovies) im going to trick my gf now see if she notices! flavour trick!

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