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My Secret Santa Present! Posted (2013-12-20)

i got a thing from the internet!
i got a thing from the internet!

Well, here it is - my long-awaited Christmas present from my International Secret Santa!

If you haven't been following along, I signed up for this exchange at www.redditgifts.com. They match you up with someone else in the world to send a Secret Santa gift too, and someone else in the world sends you one too. I was matched with someone in New Zealand, so I sent her a box full of a variety of Canadian goodies... hoping it will reach her before Christmas.

Meanwhile, someone else was given my name and address - and indeed, I received a gift ALSO from New Zealand! This person lives in Wellington and her gift arrived late on Wednesday the 18th.

In it, was this lovely little jade pendant necklace. In her card, my Secret Santa told me that the jade symbolizes New Zealand and that its meaning is to give one strength to face and overcome life's challenges.

Short, and sweet - and way easier to ship than what I sent; don't know why I didn't think of that. 

And so ends my Int'l Secret Santa adventure for this year... will I do it again next year? Absolutely! Stay tuned!

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