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Winter BBQ Posted (2014-03-13)

stop looking at me like i'm a piece of meat
stop looking at me like i'm a piece of meat

I'm not sure if there is a better way to really stick it to winter than to fire up your barbecue when the windchill is below -30.

After the nice weather we had earlier this week, and then the sudden temperature drop, I felt that it was morally imperative that I do just that. Until this winter, I haven't had a BBQ to use in the winter - or the summer for that matter. But no longer! As you've read previously, I have one now that I have used so far only to make hot dogs.

This time, decided to try to really get that summer feel and taste... steaks and grilled balsamic veggies. DELISH! There's no recipe here... just get meat, season with a touch of salt and pepper and garlic powder, and rock and roll. Don't burn them... 4 minutes per side should be enough for medium!

100 days 'til summer!

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When you live in Bruce County you learn to improvise. Put your BBQ in the garage for the winter and then there is no digging required. Always make sure the valve is off when your done and the BBQ is cooled down when you done. We use ours several times over the winter, got to have a steak on the Barby from time to time.
Karen from Underwood
The thing I like about winter BBQ is normally I am eating out. :) If you can dig my BBQ out of the 6 foot drift it is under you can BBQ for me.

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