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PIZZA #2 (aka PIZZA BALL) Posted (2014-03-21)

patent pending
patent pending

I mentioned in my earlier post about homemade pizza that of the four little pizzas that were made, three worked out well... but pizza #2 had some difficulties.

The problem was not enough flour on the work surface during the topping phase to allow the completed pizza to move around - which is really important for being able to slide it quickly and easily into the hot oven! I was warned about this and thought I'd used enough flour, but I didn't. This is why there is often a lot of flour on the bottom of pizzas that weren't cooked in any kind of pan. 

I tried to rescue pizza #2 with a spatula to lift it off the one surface onto another with more flour, and it BARELY survived that trip - but in the process, some of the sauce and toppings got underneath the pizza, which then made it even harder to get off the next surface. In trying to move it of the second surface, it completely lost control - toppings everywhere, sauce all over everything... not pretty.

I was about to throw the whole thing out, sadly, because it was completely useless as a pizza. Then I thought to myself "Self, it would be a travesty to throw this thing out! Let's just cook it anyway!"

So, I threw it into a glass baking dish and cooked it for a bit longer than the other pizzas in the same max-temperature oven.

The end result: weird pizza ball. The verdict: DELICIOUS. It's just a pizza rolled up into a ball! I am having it for lunch today. 

The moral of the story here is that if you totally mangle any of your attempted homemade pizzas, you can always make them into a pizza ball. I hereby coin the term pizza ball. Patent pending.

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Rona from snowbird Daytona Beach
Great recovery Ian! Nice camouflage too and indeed it does look very yummy
Beth Jennison from Grand Bend
That looks AWESOME!!!!! (and I heard it tasted fantastic! ). You are obviously a genius and you should submit this to PC and get your picture on the box of the next great PC product.

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