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Grilled Cheese Experiments Posted (2014-03-31)

this new hobby is going to be GREAT for my arteries
this new hobby is going to be GREAT for my arteries

I had a real aversion to melted cheese when I was younger. Pizza was the exception, but otherwise any kind of cheese that gave off a smell when it melted was not ok in my books. I've evolved a bit since then, so now I get to play catchup on some of those foods that I really didn't care for growing up.

Grilled cheese is one of those. I know, it's so easy to make, such a staple of childhood lunches... but it was just never for me. I've discovered the error of my ways! Now, I'm very curious about different ways and ingredients to try in making grilled cheese.

In the photo above there are a few different, though still basic options. On the left, a spicy cheese with chilis which was quite nice. At the back, a regular cheddar with onions and parsley in the cheese and a few chives thrown in as well. That one was more colourful, but otherwise not terribly exciting. On the right, a Havarti cheese with the addition of some chopped fresh basil. While all three were good, the addition of basil was a great step up over the others, I think.

One other trick I've tried on all three of these is to coat the outside not only in butter but in mayo as well. No more mayo than butter - a very light amount - but it seems to deliver just the very best, crispy-but-not-burnt outside of the sandwich every time.

Future plans include trying: bacon, Dijon mustard, actual onions (caramelized or non), guacamole. Do you have any other ideas for my list?

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