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London Broil Posted (2014-04-03)

look at the colours!
look at the colours!

Have you ever had London Broil? Wikipedia defines it in a few different ways... what I had is the third option on this site, the regional Southwestern Ontario variety. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_broil

It was DELICIOUS! And incredibly cheap. It felt like a cross between a hamburger and a steak, and I think in practise that's actually what it was. If you've had this before and have some thoughts on how best to prepare it, I'd totally welcome your comments below!

We had it with double-stuffed baked potatoes (bake the potato as normal, take it out, cut in half, scoop out the potato flesh and mash it up with your favourite fixins', put the fixins' back in the skins and bake for another 15 mins), and grilled eggplant. I've also never grilled an eggplant before. It was good, but kind of weird. I will experiment further with this thing.

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