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Don't Mess with the Bruce Power SWAT Team Posted (2012-09-12)

We've all heard about how amazingly good at butt-kicking the Bruce Power Nuclear Response Team (let's call them the SWAT team) is... they regularly attend SWAT team competitions in North America - and they WIN.

So, naturally, I was intrigued to see how they'd fare in a Tug-of-War against various teams from around the area, to kick off the United Way of Bruce-Grey's 2012 fundraising campaign!

Everyone descended on Hanover Raceway on the afternoon of September 11th. A gorgeous day, plenty of spectators, and some eager guys and gals ready to take on "the best."

Well, see for yourself how things went - I put some videos up in our Video Gallery.

One of the teams - I believe it was the Town of Hanover, though it's hard to make out through all the yelling - actually gave the Bruce guys a run for their money! They prevailed in the end though and took home the trophy.

...then for fun they put 30 guys against Bruce Power's 10. BP actually lost that one... but I still wouldn't want to mess with those guys.

Thanks to everyone who came out and watched and especially to those who donated their hands and backs to compete! Next time we'll try to put a radio team together. And by "try" I mean "probably fail to (because everyone is too terrified)"


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