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$9 Cardboard Bicycle Posted (2012-09-19)


Yes, you read that right. A bicycle made out of cardboard that costs $9. Oh, and it can support 485 lbs of rider.


Check out that article and the associated video - this thing blows my mind!

In a nutshell, an Israeli guy figured out how to use just folded cardboard (and a few small parts to handle the transmission and brakes of course) to build a FUNCTIONING bicycle. It took him several years of fine tuning but he now has a product that, when produced en masse, would cost about $9 to manufacture. He's currently working on the project of finding investors, etc, to get the production of this thing off the ground.

If this really catches on, can you imagine the impact it could have on daily life? Sure, it wouldn't replace high-end street bikes or mountain bikes, and it would be as useless in the winter here as bikes are usually, but it would make a bicycle absolutely attainable for someone of any income bracket. In particular, it could do wonders for developing countries where cars are way beyond the purchasing power of the average individual.

The bicycle is already an amazing invention, but I wonder how much more of a role in society it would be able to play if it was so easy to get one. Think about it: the government could buy EVERY PERSON IN ONTARIO a bike for about $100 million. That's chump change compared to some of the things we spend money on, and imagine the benefits: improved health & wellness for citizens (aka lower health care cost), reduced traffic on roads (aka lower transportation infrastructure costs), zero emissions (aka better health for everyone). Being essentially a paper product, cardboard is more or less sustainable and recyclable too!

I hope the development of this continues and it really takes off - it could be huge. What do you think?

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