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Mickey Mouse Politics Posted (2012-11-15)


Now that the US election is over and life can return to normal for us political junkies, it's kind of nice to see a country not taking themselves so seriously as they prepare for their own elections.

One of my best friends hails from the small island of Bermuda, where elections are upcoming in December. Today he noticed something odd on their elections website (see picture).

Our assumption is that they're just testing out the website to be ready for the actual election, but some of the candidates bore a striking resemblance to our actual politicians! Other races included Mickey vs. Minnie, Donald Duck vs. Nemo, Marvin the Martian, Daffy Duck, Shrek, Donkey, etc etc.

I'll always be a strong advocate for political involvement and education, but sometimes we do take it all a bit too seriously. Nice to have a laugh instead now and again!

(Bermuda has since taken this test website down... sadly!)

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