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Best Reheated Food? Posted (2012-11-20)

I warmed up some leftover pizza in the oven last night and as it was cooking, and my living room was filled with the most spectacular aromas, I thought to myself - is there any better reheated leftover food than pizza?

Briefly, my mind wandered to lasagna. Sometimes it can reheat in a way that crisps things up a bit more and can really be fantastic.

The key to both, in my opinion, is the oven. If you use the microwave, everything gets soggy and not so great. Oven keeps everything in its natural state (except some dry things can become too dry).

Some of my coworkers have argued that leftover pizza is better served cold. Those people are wrong and I no longer respect them as human beings. What do you think? Best reheated leftover food? Let me know in the comments below!

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