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Dogs That Can Drive?!?!! Posted (2012-12-09)

better than many human drivers
better than many human drivers

Sorry I've been absent on the blog lately, I've been busy... TEACHING MY DOG TO DRIVE. WHAT?!

Check out this story from the BBC out of New Zealand: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-20614593

Yup... it's not April Fools, those Kiwis are teaching dogs how to drive.

Once you get over how amazingly awesome and hilarious this is... you'll realize the point they're trying to make - dogs are very intelligent creatures! The whole exercise is being done by an animal shelter to try and boost people's interest in adopting a new best friend. And why not, if he can drive you to the mall?!

Of course, since few dogs live to see 16, it's unlikely that many of them would ever be able to get their license in Ontario.

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