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Chicken Stroganoff Posted (2012-12-23)

not a half bad approximation!
not a half bad approximation!

I decided to make THIS last night and ohhhhhh nelly... it was delish. I've never had anything Stroganoff before (I guess it's usually beef, but this recipe went with chicken). It's not too hard to make, doesn't take too long, and the result is pretty decadent.

>> Check out the recipe from Fine Cooking if you want to give it a try yourself!

It makes four good-sized portions or so. My only tweaks to the recipe would be that you may need to cook the chicken a little bit longer at first then they suggest if you made the chunks on the larger side. Also, egg noodles are a great base but you should splash a bit of water in the sauce as they suggest just to loosen it up such that it can then coat the noodles and spread that flavour around!

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