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Turkey Sloppy Joes Posted (2013-01-08)

sloppy factor: 9
sloppy factor: 9

Who doesn't love sloppy joes?! Well... actually... this guy right here. At least, I didn't when I was a kid. I was a picky eater, alright?? I've grown up though, and my tastes have refined. Not only can I eat sloppy joes now, but I actually find them rather plain. Sure, they're tasty and all, but sloppy joes are were really just developed as more of a way to quickly feed yelling and screaming children than they were ever meant to win culinary competitions.

But hey, it's 2013, why not have both? Introducing... turkey sloppy joes with hoisin and cilantro! From one of my go-to websites, Fine Cooking: http://www.finecooking.com/recipes/turkey-sloppy-joes-hoisin-cilantro.aspx

It's pretty darn tasty... the hoisin sauce, one of the staples of Asian cuisine, adds a bit of a unique flavour to the sauce. The ground turkey tastes great and is probably... maybe... a little... healthier for you than beef. I found it WITH the ground beef rather than with the turkey in the meat section, in case you're looking (I almost gave up!)

Successful end result (see picture - that's my attempt). My only modification next time would probably be to use chopped green onions instead of cilantro (which I couldn't find, so I used parsley... but I don't really like cilantro much either).

I'd say it makes about 6 hamburger buns worth... so adjust as necessary if you have a bigger family.

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Gee, now that I look at it, mine were way sloppier. I suppose you can cook it in the final step a bit longer to thicken it up some more, and then it'll look like theirs. Oh, and toast the bun!

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