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Spicy Calabrese-Style Pork Ragu Posted (2013-01-30)

you can watch an extended Lord of the Rings while it simmers
you can watch an extended Lord of the Rings while it simmers

Here's my other latest pasta attempt! I honestly think I enjoyed the bacon and leek one better but this definitely had a unique, very meaty, and just spicy enough flavour! http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2013/02/rigatoni-with-spicy-calabrese-style-pork-ragu

First thing's first with this recipe (though in the actual recipe, they wait until the very end to mention it) - you have to simmer the sauce for FOUR hours. So, start this the SECOND you get home from work if you have any intention to eat it that night. Better yet, get the sauce going and then make another meal. Freeze or refrigerate the sauce when it's done and use it another night.

You might feel the need to degrease the sauce a bit after a few hours - which I *TOTALLY* know how to do now! Just lightly drape a paper towel over the surface, then pull it off. Bam, grease gone.

Otherwise, not much to say about this one. You'll want a decently large pot because you have to combine the noodles and sauce in it and stir it all around. If you're REALLY anti-spice, then get regular sausages and not spicy ones! Bon appetit!

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