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Fired over $6.29? Posted (2013-02-03)

The "tipping debate" was reopened this week across the US and Canada after news broke that an Applebee's server south of the border lost her job after posting a guest's check online. On the bill, the guest wrote "I give God 10%, why should I give you 18?" and scratched out the 18% auto-gratuity, which would have been $6.29. When he got word the check made its way online, he called Applebee's and they fired the server.

On one hand, you definitely feel for the servers - I've never worked in food service but just about everyone has at some point in their lives and if you have, you know well how poor a serving wage is, and that those tips can make up the difference between paying or not paying your rent. So, to see someone invoke religion while cheaping out on $6.29 is both amusing and sad.

On the other, Applebee's argument isn't that the guest was right - but rather that their guests are entitled to privacy, and in posting the bill online, the server revealed this customer's identity to the world. I think they have a point here - I mean who knows, maybe they would have found a way to fire her if she had not included the name in the photo. Then again, the guy might never have known he was being ridiculed online were it not for his name being included!

What do you think... appropriate vigilantism here? Should she have been dismissed or not? Would you ever cross off an auto-gratuity from a bill?

See the whole story and the photo here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/31/applebees-waitress-fired-god-tip-receipt_n_2591794.html

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I worked in food industry for years, and tips do make it or break it. What the customer did was so wrong on so many levels. But one has to question \"is the guy really a pastor?\" cause come on, do you know any pastors, ministers, or ordained men that are cheap like that? Not me. Him using God to get out of a tip was not right. then following up to fire the poor girl - that is not right, makes me really think that the guy is a fraud and someone he knows found him out

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