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Superbowl Deliciousness! Posted (2013-02-05)

look, multiple colours!
look, multiple colours!

One of my ongoing goals in the kitchen is to get better at putting together full meals. I live alone so I tend not to do this for myself much, but when I have people over for a meal, I like to balance things out like you might with a normal family. What better occasion to try this than the Superbowl?!

The centrepiece of the meal is a very delicious roast pork shoulder which I've done a few times before. It's a nice cheap cut of meat, roasts up great over 4-6 hours or so, and makes a TON of meat. I challenge - nay, I *DARE* your family to try to finish the original recipe in one sitting. You won't, and that's ok... you can use it for leftovers (see tomorrow's post!) That recipe I'll happily share - it once again comes from my pals at Fine Cooking. Click here.

It roasts along with some onions and carrots or whatever other roasting veggies you choose to put in there - they'll be full of flavour by the time it's done.

It's accompanied by some potatoes roasted in a Dijon/rosemary sauce which is absolutely delicious (and full of just enough oil to not stick up your nice baking sheets!) These are easy to make - once again, kudos Fine Cooking. Click here.

I steamed some broccoli too, but for me, the real excitement was the hollendaise sauce I made for the broccoli. This is a staple of my mother's full Sunday dinners - whether it's green beans, broccoli, asparagus, or something else - they all taste amazing when drizzled with hollendaise. It's a hard thing to make though - most people use double boilers to keep the temperature down. You don't need to use one though (I didn't) - it's just a matter of being very very careful with the heat and constantly stirring! If you want the recipe for THAT... well, you'll have to liquor me up sometime.

Happy feasting!

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