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Superbowl Deliciousness REDUX! Posted (2013-02-06)

reduce, reuse, recycle!
reduce, reuse, recycle!

If you dare to make the roast pork shoulder I shared with you yesterday, you will have a lot left over. If you don't... I am in awe of you. If you do though, not to worry! You can totally shake it up into something delicious and different.

Check out this pork and potato hash recipe - especially designed to handle roast pork leftovers! It's pretty easy and quite cheap because you already made the meat... once again, from Fine Cooking. Click here.

The past few times, I have skipped the poached egg because I'm lazy. If you have an easier way to poach an egg or you want to add this, you're welcome to go ahead... it's quite good without it still. I would recommend sort of tossing the avocado chunks into the hash just as you serve it (I realize their picture shows it on the side). I just think it tastes a bit better when it's just a little melted.

Now I don't have to buy food again all week! yay.

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