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The Dishwasher is the Single Greatest Invention of Mankind Posted (2013-03-27)

Seriously... is there anything better? I mean the wheel, agriculture, fire, the computer... sure, those were all great discoveries, but do any of them wash and dry your dishes? I thought not.

I, however, do now own a dishwasher... so I can merely look on in envy at those who do and dream. One day. Some day.

Honestly, I don't mind doing dishes that much... big dishes annoy me, like pots and pans. Little thing are ok. I can tell I don't hate it that much though because I will ALWAYS do dishes before folding laundry.

Now, if there was a machine that FOLDED LAUNDRY - that would be without a question the defining achievement of civilization. We could pretty much give up at that point.

Actually doing the washing and drying of laundry - that's easy; I actually sort of enjoy it. The folding part after... that I would be happy to never do again in my life.

It should go without saying then that as soon as I start letting clean, unfolded laundry pile up... I can get into trouble. Last night, after clearing my entire schedule of other more interesting tasks, I folded the enormous heap of clean laundry at my place. In all, I folded over 50 shirts, more than a dozen sweaters, and probably close to 100 clothing items in total. It would be one thing if I had a wife and two kids - but that's just me. I didn't even know I OWNED 50 shirts! My arms are sore today.

So, if anyone's working on one of those folding machines... I WILL fund your research. Please contact me. Also, what's YOUR least favourite chore?

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