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Ride Karma Posted (2013-04-11)

I wouldn't say I'm an exceptionally spiritual person, but I won't deny that it's fascinating how the universe has a habit of making things right.

My sister and I, in line for a roller coaster during our trip to California recently, had two teenage girls ask whether they could cut in front of us, so they could be in the same car as their two friends. "Why not?" we said, and let them go ahead of us. Do unto others, right? Later, as we were getting off the ride, we found someone's cellphone on the ride that they had left by accident - so we returned it to a staff member who returned it to the rider.

Not 15 minutes later, while waiting for the NEXT ride, not one but TWO pairs of people in front of us asked to go ahead of them so they could be in the same cars as their friends. We got to immediately hop in and enjoy the ride!

It's nice when karma works so efficiently. Do you have any good karma stories?

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