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The 21st Century Lighter Posted (2013-04-12)

can't light a cigarette with these
can't light a cigarette with these

If you went to a lot of concerts back "in the day," you no doubt remember pulling out your lighter when a great ballad came on and waved your hand in the air along with thousands of others to create a very cool crowd lighting effect!

Of course, those days are long behind us now, with smoking going the way of the dodo and thus lighters disappearing as well. I've never smoked, so naturally I don't own a lighter!

If you've watched enough cell phone company commercials or been to a concert lately, you've probably seen people using their cellphones as a modern-day substitute for waving a lighter. This isn't really a new concept... as quickly as lighters have faded from concert crowds, cellphones have appeared. Until this week though, I'd never been to a LARGE concert where I was really able to see this happening en masse.

I got to see Muse live at the ACC with my friend Mark this week - AMAZING show, by the way! I've never been to the ACC before for a concert, but unlike a smaller show, if you're way up in the nosebleeds like we are, you get a good view of the entire audience. So, when they slowed things down for a track near the end of the concert, I got to see the image above. Sorry for the quality, I took it on - yes - my cellphone.

For the record, and this IS new, what you're seeing is not the screens of phones (for the most part) but rather people using the flashlight feature on their phone to project a very bright light. I scoffed at first but eventually joined in. Felt a little weird... but was very cool to see. Have you ever done this with your phone before?

p.s. go see Muse if you ever can... fantasmic!

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