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What do you do with your Facebook when you're dead? Posted (2013-04-14)

It's an unfortunate reality that as long as Facebook has been around, there have been dead people on Facebook. As in, people who have passed away unexpectedly, leaving their online profiles to carry on as a sometimes pleasant, sometimes very unpleasant reminder of their lives to those they've left behind.

Facebook in particularly hasn't really resolved how to handle this situation yet, but Google took a step forward this week by inventing the "Inactive Account Manager." Rather than being based on your death, it's based on inactivity - so if you don't log into your account after a set period of time, you can arrange for certain pieces of information to be available to other people (including access to the account).

As ridiculous as this might sound to those who aren't really into social media... it's rapidly becoming a bigger deal. So many of us maintain Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus accounts... even simply email accounts! And few of us make plans in our wills for what happens to those accounts when we pass away.

>> Here's the link to the Google blog post about the new feature

I'd like to see the other major sites come up with something like this... what about you? Do you have plans for your social media afterlife?

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