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Blackberry Farm Griddle Cakes Posted (2013-04-23)

with the original for comparison - not bad!
with the original for comparison - not bad!

If you have a gluten intolerance of some kind... I don't know how you're still alive. Not because there's nothing you can eat, but because sifting through all of those crazy different kinds of ingredients must drive you nuts!

I jest, of course, but getting all the parts for this recipe took no fewer than three trips to the same grocery store. Well, two were because I forgot something on the list... so maybe we should blame the complexity more on me being an idiot than these pancakes being gluten-free.

In the end, the ones I made actually weren't gluten-free, because I couldn't find buckwheat flour (even after 3 trips!) so I just used regular flour. In addition to the brown rice flour that I DID find, and the oat flour that I couldn't find so I made myself.

Anyway, here is the recipe, off the cover of the latest Bon Appetit. They just looked too good not to try -- http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2013/05/blackberry-farm-griddle-cakes

This was a good exercise for me because while I am not intolerant to gluten, I have many friends who are, so any time I can come across a recipe that I can make for them and I actually like as much as the "full-gluten" version, I'm interested!

What I liked about these pancakes is, perhaps because of the different flours or perhaps not, they were able to crisp up a bit more on the outside without burning. I like a pancake with a slightly crispy/crunchy outside and soft centre. It's not as common as you might think - many pancakes end up being just soft and pillow-like. These are buttermilk-based and contain maple syrup in the batter mixture which sweetens them just the right amount.

Apparently you can mix a whack of the dry ingredients together and then keep it in a jar for easy creation at a later date, which I might try with my remaining ingredients.


  • As mentioned above, couldn't find buckwheat flour. I now know that I have friends who have some and it's available at health food stores and maybe Bulk Barn. I used regular all-purpose flour to replace that, but then they obviously aren't actually gluten-free anymore.
  • Couldn't find oat flour either, but the internet said I could make my own by throwing rolled oats in a food processor. Did that and the result was great - I thought the oats might add too much texture to the final product but I didn't notice them at all!
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