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Classic Beef Stroganoff Posted (2013-05-02)

next time: do not let noodles plural become noodle singular
next time: do not let noodles plural become noodle singular

One of the first recipes I think I ever shared with you on this blog was a chicken stroganoff recipe I found from Fine Cooking. I've been sitting on this beef one for months waiting for the right time - finally gave it a go the other night.


All things considered, I may actually like the chicken one better! The comments on this recipe suggested it might end up being a bit bland, so I followed one of the commenters' instructions and added some dijon mustard, sherry, and a few other things. I think those helped, but it felt like something was missing from this one. I'm honestly not sure what it was!

One part of the problem, easily fixed for next time, is I thought "who butters their noodles? silly."  .... obviously I was the silly one as after a few minutes they all stuck together. They still were very tasty as a base for the beef & sauce, but would have been better if, well, they weren't all stuck together. I recall thinking this during the chicken stroganoff as well. Actually, with both, it might have been better to just immediately mix the noodles in with everything else.

If you prefer a beefier taste to your stroganoff, this might be the way to go for you. The sour cream smell overwhelmed me a bit, and I'm not a fan of that, so I may go back to the chicken one next time... but give it a try if you like!

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