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Journey of the Blog Posted (2013-06-20)

this kid was basically me
this kid was basically me

I was chatting with a friend of mine last night about how I have a pretty severe garbage conscience. What I mean is that while I wouldn't consider myself an ardent environmentalist, I do think long and hard before throwing out something that could be recycled or composted, and I get rather upset with myself when I end up having to do so. (This happens a lot in the US - they never have recycling bins in public!)

We concluded that this conscience probably formed when I was in kindergarten, but it took me a bit of thinking to come up with any definitive memories of a eureka moment as it relates to the environment.

THEN, I remembered this video that my parents used to rent for my sister and I from the library. It was one of three short films on the same tape (yes, tape) released by the National Film Board.

The NFB has been rapidly digitizing its film archives so you can now watch this film for free online! Our tax dollars at work (and frankly there are few projects I am more happy to have funded with my tax dollars than this particular flick).

I thus present to you - the Journey of the Blog by Bill Maylone. No dialogue - none needed. If you have young kids and want a great tool to show them how the Earth is a closed system - this is it! The music is kind of fun too. Plus, there's slime! Enjoy...

Journey of the Blob by Bill Maylone, National Film Board of Canada

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