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Celebrity Lookalike Posted (2013-07-05)

if only this could make me some money somehow
if only this could make me some money somehow

Every so often there is a rash of people posting photos of their celebrity lookalikes on Facebook, etc. Some are pretty uncanny, others not so much.

I've never been convinced that everyone has a celebrity lookalike, mainly because I've never felt that I have one!

Yet, at a party a couple of weeks ago, out of the blue my friend's wife commented that she thought I looked like 1970s Elton John. My mental image of Elton John is of the modern, slightly pudgy, wild-haired, outrageous-glasses-ed, and fairly flamboyant Elton John. So naturally I disagreed at first - perhaps was even a little offended as I think I have better fashion sense.

However, then we took a look at at some photos from Elton back in an earlier part of his career, and I was forced to admit... she might be right! What do you think... is Elton my celebrity lookalike?

Who's yours?

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