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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mixed Reception for Education Minister

Region | by John Divinski  

Ontario's Education Minister made a whirlwind visit through Bruce and Grey Counties on Wednesday.

Ontario's Education Minister made a whirlwind visit through Bruce and Grey counties Wednesday (April 19th, 2017), one at Paisley Central School and the other at Beavercrest in Markdale and they both had two different results.
At Paisley Central, Minister Mitzie Hunter received an unexpected protest from well over 50 high school students from Chesley District Community School (CDCS).
Grade 10 student Nicole Burrows, in tears, blamed Hunter and her ministry for eliminating Grades 9 to 12 at CDCS.
In September, the 144 high school students left at CDCS will be going to schools in Owen Sound, Saugeen Shores, Hanover and Walkerton.
The Chesley facility will become a JK to Grade 8 school only.
Things were far more quiet at Beavercrest and for some, far more encouraging.
Hunter was there to listen to business and government officials explain their plan for a community hub and a new Markdale school.
Ashley Chapman of Chapman's Ice Cream is donating two million dollars to the cause.
He says "Some of the wording that Minister Hunter used (during the closed door meeting) was more than just optimistic."
Hunter wouldn't commit to anything but says she's impressed with the cooperation between the school board, the municipality and local businesses to come up with a unique plan to keep a school in the community.
Hunter says she looks forward to seeing a framework of the business plan this June.
Bruce Grey Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker, who you may recall, was tossed out of the legislature a while back for getting into a shouting match with Hunter, was also on hand for the day.
He says nothing new was said during the visit.
He says it's time for the province to allow rural boards to make decisions for the communities they represent and "Not for political expediency."

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