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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Working Together in Fight Against Cancer

Tiverton | by John Divinski  

Bruce Power & AREVA have signed an understanding for future radioisotope production.

A teenager from Mount Albert, north of Newmarket, brought a roomful of Bruce Power and other energy industry leaders, to their feet because of a story she had to tell.
14-year-old Jaydn Schill has been fighting brain cancer since she was five years old.
She told a gathering at Bruce Power that it has been so long, she doesn't remember her life without cancer.
Schill was the story, as Bruce Power and AREVA signed a memorandum of agreement to further explore opportunities to commercialize radioisotope production at the nuclear facility.
Radioisotopes have been used in the "targeted cancer treatment," through use of the "Gamma Knife Unit," at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, specifically for the brain.
The unit can target deep inside the brain of a patient avoiding open head surgery and the risks that come with that procedure.
Cobalt 60, which is now being produced by Bruce Power, is used in the procedure that has resulted in over 95% of patients having their brain disease controlled.
Schill has had so many traditional surgeries that doctors were leery of performing anymore on the brain.
Schill says despite her challenges, she has a positive attitude because, "You're not truly living life, if you don't live it in a positive way."
AREVA President William Cooper says he's proud to be playing a small part in the quality of life for Jaydn and for thousands of others around the world.
AREVA's method of producing radioisotopes using a heavy water nuclear power plant will be used at the Bruce.
Bruce Power President & CEO Mike Rencheck says, "You see a young lady that brave, to be battling cancer for that long, knowing that what we do here at Bruce Power makes a difference for her--It means everything."
Bruce Power has also donated $5,000 to the Princess Margaret Hospital Pediatrics where a Gamma Knife Unit is in operation.

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