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Nathalia Cordeau Hilliard

Weekend Host

Born in Owen Sound, raised in Markdale. I thought I wanted to get out of the rural area, so I moved to Kitchener for two years. While I was there I studied Radio Broadcasting at Conestoga. Of course after two years I came right back home, where I can drive anxiety-free. My pre-secondary education was French Immersion so I guess I could call myself bilingual (my 7 year old niece speaks better French than I do though).

I used to get paid in quarters to stop talking, I guess that's why I decided to work in radio. (Thanks to my Mom's friends for the motivation!)

I love watching sunsets and thunderstorms, especially during a drive. My favourite part of the day is when I get home to my dogs Lola and Thor. I love food but I'm not a fan of cooking it, I'll try any food as long as it isn't an insect or anything close to that on the disgusting scale. My love of food means that I spend a lot of time at the gym. I also have an odd interest in abandoned houses. WHY DO PEOPLE JUST PICK UP AND LEAVE TAKING NOTHING WITH THEM?! I have some favourite TV shows but they either get cancelled or I forget they're on and have to catch up by watching the entire season on Netflix.

Wake up early on Sunday morning and we can have radio hangouts.

Born: Owen Sound

Real ambition: to be able to afford a cottage on the water.

Last purchase: Footlong Cold cut Combo on Italian Herbs & Cheese with 2 M&M cookies and 1 chocolate chunk cookie. (I told you I love food)

Favourite quote: "The world will tell you who you are, until you tell the world" - Kaley Cuoco in "To Be Fat Like Me"

First Job: Running the dishwasher and buttering the garlic bread at the local restaurant before school.

Before you were on the radio: cleaning the things you rented for your event

Indulgence: Subway Pickles

What you love about being on the radio: Always knowing what's going on in our area and seeing you there!

Hidden talent: It wouldn't be very hidden if I told you now would it?

Unverified claim to fame: creating believable but false definitions for words.

Favourite place around these parts: Sauble Beach rain or shine.

If I could change the world: it wouldn't revolve around money and artificial flavours wouldn't taste so bad.

Your perfect day: waking up without an alarm clock, having a delicious breakfast and spending it with friends; if they're unavailable my dogs are just as good - plus it isn't weird when I try to cuddle with them.



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