Mix 106.5

Mix 106.5

Ted Easton

Weekend Host

I was born in the city but raised in the country (I’m pretty sure I’ve just written half a country song). My career in radio has taken me to our Nation’s capital, to Shania Twain’s home town, and back to Ayton. In that time I have acquired a beautiful wife, two boys, two dogs, one cat and a minivan. If you’re looking for a fun start to an early morning, then I looking forward to starting our day together.

Born:  Feb 23rd 1983 Toronto, Ontario

Real ambition:  To be a good Father

Last purchase: Shorts and Milk

Favourite quotes: ‘Do or Do not, there is no try’, ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war)’

First Job: Butcher

Before I was at Bayshore: I was driving an Ambulance

What I love about being on the radio: The people

What I love about country music: The people!

Favourite concert:  BB King

Unverified claim to fame: The most famous person to come out of Ayton

Pets: 2 dogs (Ziggy and Zoe) and 1 cat (Luna)

Favourite place in the area:  my porch

If I could change the world:  I’d get paid more



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